Volume Control Damper

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Volume Control Damper

Volume control dampers are for use in HVAC systems requiring modulating airflow. Volume Control Damper
dampers can be used in applications as an automatic control damper with low to medium pressure and velocity systems. Units feature a blade design, which maximizes free area, increasing damper performance.
Volume Control Damper

Volume Control damper is widely used in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applications (HVAC Damper)  in order to maintain or control the air volume inside the duct. These dampers facilitate the air flow to  each zone and each room to be controlled  during testing & commissioning. The blades may be parallel or opposed type depending on the requirement.

Volume control damper can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. However, care should be taken to mount the damper, by orienting the blades in the direction of the desired airflow. Airmaster provides several types of volume control dampers to choose from.
Truestar Air Systems G.I volume control damper is a type of HVAC Damper whose frame and blade is made of high quality G.I sheets.

  • Made to be used with air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems.
  • The frame and blades are made of premium G.I. sheets (Z-275).
  • To stop corrosion, joints are welded and coated with an aluminium spray coating.
  • In order to achieve opposed blade functioning, toothed nylon gears are used to couple the blades.
  • Three intermediate open positions (1/4, 1/2, and 3/4) and a visible open/close indicator are features of the hand locking quadrant.
  • To reduce air leakage between the blades, a foam gasket is placed between their edges.
  • As normal, flanged edges are delivered undrilled.
  • There is a choice of dampers without flanges for duct insertion.
VCD Model Frame Thikness
Blade Thikness
TSAS-161616g / 1.6mm16g / 1.6mm
TSAS-181818g / 1.2mm18g / 1.2mm
TSAS-182018g / 1.2mm20g / 1.0mm
TSAS-202020g / 1.0mm20g / 1.0mm