Rectangular Angle Flange Duct

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Rectangular Angle Flange Duct

One particular kind of ductwork that is frequently utilised in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems is the rectangular angle flange duct.

rectangular angle flange duct

Rectangular: This describes the duct’s form. Unlike round ducts, rectangular ducts have a cross-section that is square or rectangular in shape. Because they make good use of available space and are simple to install in confined spaces like floors, walls, and ceilings, they are frequently utilised in HVAC systems and building construction.

Angle: The word “angle” here most likely refers to the possibility of bends, corners, or direction changes in the ducts. The ducts can be made to fit into the structural framework of the building or to traverse around obstructions by using prefabricated elbows or custom bends.

Flange: To join sections together or fasten the duct to other parts, a flange is an extended rim or collar on the edge of a duct or other object. Flanges give ductwork a safe point of connection and make it simple to assemble and disassemble parts for installation or maintenance. To stop air leaks, flanged connections are usually sealed with gaskets or sealant.