Rectangular Tapered Pod Sound Attenuator

Truestar Air Systems

Rectangular Tapered Pod Sound Attenuator

The TSAS-SA-TP Rectangular Dissipative Silencer has a tapered pod, with high dynamic insertion loss at a standard pressure drop. It features:
Rectangular Tapered Pod Sound Att
Solid Radius Nosepiece
Fully Tapered Pod
Uniform Expansion Angle
Superior Static Pressure Performance
Acoustically transparent perforated liner

Acoustical grade fibrous media

Model:- TSAS-SA-TP
Outer Material:- 22G Galvanized sheet

Inner Pods:- 22G perforated sheet


Bell mouth Nose Piece &  Perforated Liner
Material – GI  & SS
Uniform Air Passage
Insulation-Fiber Glass wool or Mineral Wool
Can withstand differential pressure up to 24” w.g. (6 kPa) /

Primary Applications:
Standard: VAV boxes, rectangular ductwork; air handling units, generator radiator silencing, tunnel ventilation, general ventilation