TDF Flange

Truestar Air Systems

TDF Flange

TDF is a flanging system that consists of forming a flange profile on the duct ends, thus made out of a sheet from which the duct is fabricated.

TDF is a 4 bolt duct connection system that eliminates time wastage. Rather than using separate connectors to assemble your system, TDF flanges are roll formed onto duct during the Manufacturing process.

tdf Flang

This connection minimizes leakage and installation costs. These TDF flange eliminates the additional internal sealing around the edges of duct & thereby saves the labour & material.

Features :-
● Highly accurate flange profiles and components ensure ease of fi􀆫ng and high quality assembly.
● A Recessed groove on flange and radial groove on corner pieces for proper gasket sea􀆟ng. 
● Snap fit corner pieces to allow easy fi􀆫ng at sites.
● Flexibility to use suit-to-site pieces with slip-on flanges.