spigot damper

Truestar Air Systems

Spigot Damper

One form of damper that is frequently used in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems to regulate airflow within ductwork is the spigot damper. It is made up of a spindle or shaft, also referred to as a rod, and a circular plate or blade known as the damper blade. The actuator, which can be a hand-operated lever, a gear operator, or a motorised actuator, is attached to the spindle and allows the damper blade to be opened or closed to control airflow.

Round Damper

The form of attachment that is utilised to secure the damper to the ductwork is referred to as the “spigot” in spigot dampers. With a spigot connection, the damper’s end is inserted into the duct’s aperture to provide an airtight and safe seal. This design guarantees the HVAC system operates efficiently and helps to reduce air leaks.

Spigot dampers are typically installed in round ducting systems, but with the right adapters or transition pieces, they can also be utilised in rectangular or square ducts. To control the flow of air to different areas or rooms within a structure, they are usually positioned at various points along the ductwork, such as branch connections, supply outlets, or exhaust vents.