Rectangular Duct

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Rectangular Duct

Truestar Air Systems fabricates a duct system at its factory. A rectangular duct, or round duct, or oval duct is fabricated as per the drawing. In addition, plenum HVAC is also fabricated at the TSAS .

A duct can be made from 0.5mm (26 Gauge) GI sheet, 0.63mm (24 Gauge) GI sheet, 0.8mm (22 Gauge) GI sheet, 1 mm (20 Gauge) GI sheet, 1.2mm (18 Gauge) GI sheet, or 1.6mm (16 Gauge) GI sheet.

Regtanguler Duct


High resistance to corrosion

Easy to transport as well as easy to install

Long durability, longer lifespan

Provides thermal stability

High quality factory finish


Construction details:

A rectangular duct can be transported either as complete assembly or as L shape.

Round and Oval ducts are transported as complete assembly.

Longitudinal seams are fabricated with Pittsburgh lock (transverse joint S&C cleat joint). Four bolt connectors are also available.

In order to optimize the construction cost, the length per piece is optimized. This optimization of duct length solely depends on the duct size as specified in the drawing.

TDS duct corners can also be provided at separate cost.

Spiral Round Duct

Spiral Duct

Spiral Flat Oval Duct

Oval Duct



Round Duct Elbow

Elbow duct

Square to Round Piece

Square to Round Duct

Regtanguler Duct

Regtanguler Duct